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Fall Into a Beautiful Water-Wise Landscape

Fall is the perfect time to redo your yard and add low-water use plants great for our climate. The soil still hold summer’s warmth, which encourages root growth, but new plants don’t require as much water because the days are getting cooler instead of heating up. When spring rolls around, your fall plantings will have…

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Top 5 Watering Tricks for a Healthy and Green Landscape

 Check the soil: First use a moisture meter or good old eight-inch screwdriver to see if your yard needs water. If meter says it’s moist or the screwdriver easily goes into the soil, you can skip running the sprinklers. Inspect your sprinklers: Check your sprinklers on a regular basis for problems like clogged and broken…

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Water Use: The Truth of How We Use Water Will Astound You

There’s a common misconception that most of the water we use at home goes toward household activities like showering, washing dishes and clothes, or flushing the toilet, but in fact most household water is used outside on our landscapes. Hot, dry summers and triple-digit temperatures have a huge impact on our water use in the…

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