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The Best Yard Care Gadgets for Your Landscape

Looking for the perfect gadget? Why not get something that will make your life easier and your yard look great too? It’s a win-win. WaterSense-Labeled Weather-Based Sprinkler Timer: Save yourself the trouble of setting the sprinkler timer by getting a WaterSense-labeled weather-based sprinkler controller. They use local weather and landscape conditions to precisely tailor watering schedules…

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Top 5 Sprinkler Problems to Watch for in Summer

Most of the water we use goes to watering our yard. By checking your sprinklers on a regular basis for problems and fine-tuning their performance, you can make sure every drop counts. Here are some of the top problems: Broken Sprinklers: At least monthly, run your sprinklers one zone at a time and look for…

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Check Before You Water: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Trying to figure out how much water your yard needs can be a mystery. You might think you can tell just by looking at your plants or by the weather reports, but the best and most accurate way is to check the soil’s moisture level. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of…

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