April 17, 2017 – Carmichael Water District Receives environmental recognition award 

On Monday, April 17, 2017 Carmichael Water District (CWD) was recognized by the Sacramento Environmental Commission (SEC) for demonstrating outstanding efforts to improve the environment through the American River Pipeline Project (Project).

Conceived in 2011, the Project puts into action Integrated Regional Water Management agreements and solutions that successfully solve water supply reliability issues at a local level. Specifically recognized by the SEC was the Project’s environmental restoration component.  This environmental restoration included the removal of 400 feet of 33-inch diameter exposed steel pipe dating back to the 1950s that had long been an unsightly presence in the river channel. In addition, three concrete intake and pump station structures, a failing riveted steel culvert, and large buried valves were demolished and removed. The restoration culminated with the reconnection of an upstream riparian habitat that had been separated from the primary American River channel by freefall discharge from a 65-year old culvert. This concerted effort in restoring vital environment assets contributes to CWD’s recognition among the environmental community as a leading steward of our natural habitat/resources.

“This is a great demonstration of Public and Private partnerships coming together to find solutions to achieve benefits for our community” said CWD’s General Manager Steve Nugent. The project, spearheaded by CWD stands as a testimony to the region’s commitment to working together in addressing both short-term drought response, long-term supply reliability planning, and environmental stewardship.

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Carmichael Water District Employees Win The H.R. LaBounty Safety Award

The H.R. LaBounty Safety Award Program was designed for the Joint Powers Insurance Association (JPIA) members as a way to promote safe workplace behavior and operations practices and reward those employees who demonstrate safe behavior, take part in recognizable proactive activities, or participate in risk-reducing actions. It gives JPIA members a way to foster a safety culture that reduces the potential for losses.  Several Carmichael Water District (District) Employees are award recipients.  Below are the award winning safety contributions:




Ryan Stinson: Ryan Stinson identified the need for and equipped a newly installed water diversion curb with reflective paint to increase visibility of a driving or tripping hazard.  



Lynette Moreno: Lynette Moreno implemented a new safety awareness program at the District – Payroll Safety Tips. Every payroll, a safety tip is inserted with the employee’s paycheck to promote awareness. Each safety tip relates to office, field, home or personal safety.



Lynette Moreno: identified the need for and created laminated safety cards located on equipment to remind the operator of emergency procedures.

Lori Kalisiak: 20161220_124645Lori Kalisiak researched, analyzed, recommended and implemented The Building Access Security Improvement Plan in order to minimize risks, provide and extra level of security, and manage access to the facility and District employees.

Cecilia Dodge: Cecilia Dodge instituted hands-free, ergonomic telephone equipment for all front office employees and others.


George Richmond: George Richmond conducted a Chemical Spill Emergency Response Drill that focused on proper use of personal protective equipment and the basic elements of spill response.

Kevin Johnston: Kevin Johnston researched, planned, and implemented an Emergency Standby Power Program for the District.


Lynette Moreno: Lynette Moreno identified the need for and establish check in and emergency communication procedures for contractors working at the District’s corporation yard.




George Richmond:  George Richmond had the idea to install permanent low cost eye-wash stations at District well sites.  The new eye-wash stations allow for fast access to a flow of water that is under constant pressure.




Darren Van Dusen:  Darren Van Dusen identified the need to create a customer outreach program (customer communication and display at the District’s office) regarding Tree Planting Safety near utility lines. Read More >>


Scott Bair & Chris Nelson:  Chris Nelson identified the need to create a kit for night time  emergency field work while out supervising a major leak repair. With suggestions from Chris Nelson, Scott Bair created a night time emergency kit for field services crews to incorporate in any District work projects that are during low visibility times.


Safety Committee:  The District’s Safety Committee has been very active in making strides to ensure the safety of employees and the Public.  The Safety Committee performs very thorough safety inspections and follow-up resulting in a safer work environment.  In addition, the Safety Committee has performed drills to test procedures for events such as evacuation, spill response and terror threat.

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David Flores:  David Flores identified the need to create a meter equipment rack that holds the equipment during non-use at the District’s office. During down time the equipment would be placed on a desk or hung over a bookshelf causing a potential tripping hazard. David fabricated an equipment rack from scrap redwood, wheels from a scrap office chair and a tool hanger.

Lori Kalisiak:  Lori Kalisiak identified the need for and implemented security improvements at the District’s main office and corporation yard.  The improvements were implemented to provide an extra level of security, manage access to the facilities, and reduce cost.



Brad Stone:  Brad Stone developed and constructed a removable safety rail with hand grips to ensure a safe entrance and exit to Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) vaults.  The simple but effective design and construction has made maintenance in the vault easier and safer for District staff.  See Brad’s Safety Rail In Action



April 20, 2015 – carmichael water district receives refund award from joint powers insurance authority

On April 20, 2015 the ACWA Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) awarded the District with a refund check in the amount of $12,549. The District was eligible for the refund due to claim losses being less than those projected by the JPIA actuary. By utilizing resources provided by the JPIA, such as training in the areas of employee safety, employment practices,infrastructure management and risk transfer, the District, combined with efforts of of the entire JPIA membership, has achieved a level of success unmatched in the industry.




June 23, 2008 – Carmichael Water District wins SMUD award for responsible energy stewardship

smudAward_steveThe Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is honoring Carmichael Water District for its overall commitment to implementing energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption and promote environmental protection.

The SMUD Community Energy Award honors commercial customers who share SMUD’s values of efficiency and environmental sensitivity, and who have turned these beliefs into actions. These customers have controlled their energy usage, improved their bottom line, and reduced the amount of energy that must be generated for our region.

This award recognizes the achievement of Carmichael Water District for participation in SMUD’s commercial energy efficiency program. Carmichael Water District continues to support and demonstrate the importance of safeguarding the environment.

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Carmichael Water District Employees Win 2004 SAWWA Awardssawwa_steveaward

Two Carmichael Water District employees were selected for 2004 Sacramento Area Water Works Association (SAWWA) awards on December 10, 2004 at the SAWWA luncheon.

SAWWA presented its General Manager of the Year 2004 award to CWD’s General Manager. Steve was selected to receive the award for his focus on regional issues including groundwater contamination; contributions to committees, region, community; sharing of information; recognized speaker and other achievements.

CWD’s Crew Leader, Matt Stacy was named SAWWA’s 2004 Distribution Operator of the Year. Matt was selected for leading the District’s main line crew though the largest (2570 feet) in-house main line project; training of crew; safety and efficiency of operation.

Congratulations to Steve and Matt for their efforts.



Carmichael Water District Wins ACWA’s 2004 Clair A. Hill Award




Front Row: President Dodie Backus, Former GM LaNell Little, General Manager Steve Nugent, Vice-President Sandy Kozlen
Second Row: MWH Engineer Don Spiegel, Director Mark Emmerson, Former Director
Curt Spencer, MWH Engineer Scott Boettcher

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) presented its prestigious Clair A. Hill Water Agency Award for Excellence to Carmichael Water District on May 5, 2004 at the ACWA conference luncheon. CWD was selected from among six finalists to receive the award for its innovative microfiltration water treatment plant.|

The plant was custom designed to be compatible with its residential setting. The District chose the membrane filtration technology because of its size and capability to treat the American River water.

Steve Nugent, General Manager, was project manager of the water treatment plant project which was completed four months ahead of schedule and was three percent under budget.

Nugent said, “The District couldn’t have done this without the community’s support. They made us look at all the alternatives, demanded that we do it the right way and made sure we made it the best it could be.”


Governor’s 2004 Employer Recognition Award – Finalist

Carmichael Water District was recognized as an Exemplary Employer Finalist as an employer committed to the well being of California’s older workers serving as a model of best hiring practices. As an Exemplary Employer, Carmichael Water District has proven to be a superb role model for all California employers.

dottedHrCarmichael Water District was a BERC (Business Environmental Resource Center) 2003 Pollution Prevention Award Winner

Recognized for:BERC_award_2003

  • Installing a 20,000 square foot microfiltration water treatment plant that exceeds Safe Drinking Water Act standards for 38,500 customers.
  • Reducing the amount of chlorine stored and used from 120,000 gallons per year to 24,000 gallons per year.
  • Establishing a tertiary treatment filtration process that cleans backwash system water, recycles the water back through the primary system, and eliminates the need to discharge this wastewater to the sewer (eliminating a sewer bill too).
  • Developing a transportation efficiency program that reduced the number of truck trips to the plant from 3 per week to one every six weeks, thus reducing air quality impacts.