Carmichael Community Garden at Sutter Park

The Carmichael Community Garden at Sutter Park operates in conjunction with the Carmichael Recreation and Park District and the Sacramento Area Community Garden Coalition. A community flowerGarden is a piece of land where local residents can grow plants and food for personal use. Members rent individual plots while sharing tools, resources, knowledge and a sense of community pride.

Carmichael Water District continues to rent a center plot each year. The District utilizes healthy, organic, and water wise techniques to grow herbs, perennials, and vegetables. The District assists the community Garden with spreading of wood chips and scraping of perimeters for fire safety and weed control. Carmichael Water District continues to participate in the Community Garden as part of its Public Outreach Program.
Please call our Customer Service Department at (916) 483-2452 with any question about the Carmichael Community Garden.
The District has planted in three of the five sections of the garden plot. Additional plantings will take place in the spring/summer season.