Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a bill (AB 2572) at the end of September 2004 that included water meter legislation which requires meter installation and metered billing.

In March 1997, CWD conducted a water rate structure study to assist the District in revising its flat rates and to address how metered water rates could be instituted in conjunction with a meter implementation program. The water rate structure committee (WRSC) included a mix of participants generally reflective of the District’s customer base (i.e.: residential, commercial, schools, parks, Board). The findings regarding implementation of a metering program were unanimous support of water metering for all District customers; equitable charges for water service; and voluntary residential metering.

As recommended by the WRSC and outlined in the District’s Master Plan, the District took a systematic approach to District wide metering through phases:

  • Phase 1 consisted of completion of meter installation and transition to metered billing for commercial, schools, parks and apartments and implementation of the voluntary residential metering program.
  • Phase 2 includes the completion of meter installation and transition to metered billing for condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, mobile homes and all new construction.
  • Phase 3 consists of residential metering and billing of all parcels larger than 0.5 acres, all connections larger than 1 inch, extra single family homes and irrigation connections. Completion of Phase 3 will eliminate all flat rates with the exception of single family 1 inch connections on less than 0.5 acres.
  • Phase 4 includes systematic metering through the District for the remaining residential connections under 0.50 acres.