School Presentations

Programs for K-3

  • Why should we all save water?
  • Students will learn how to protect the Earth's water and environment.
  • Understanding the Water Cycle utilizing an interactive play.
  • How to keep the water we use safe and clean.
  • How students and their families can start saving water today!

Programs for 4-6

  • Fun Facts and Water Saving Tips.
  • How our watershed works.
  • Understanding backflow prevention and keeping the water we use safe and clean.
  • The importance of water efficiency for our future.
  • Understanding the Water Cycle, its terms, and functions.

Why should water efficiency be important to kids? Because water efficiency is all about protecting and managing our natural resources and environment so that they are here for future generations to use and enjoy!

Carmichael Water District can also provide useful information to middle school - high school students. CWD can provide booklets that discuss drinking water, water efficiency, water treatment, and resourceful landscaping as well as classroom presentations.

School Presentations Upcoming

No presentations are scheduled at this time.