How do I start/service for buyer/seller?

I purchased or sold a home:

Water service will be transferred to the new property owner of record as of the close of the escrow date if the District has been provided proof of the sale. A final bill will be generated for water use and billed through the close of the escrow date or upon notification of the sale. Final bills will either be collected in escrow or billed directly to the seller. If a seller is renting back the property, any payment for water use will need to be negotiated between the seller and the new owner, as the District transitions ownership at the close of escrow. The District makes every attempt to work closely with respective title companies to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. However, if the District is notified after the close of escrow date that a property sold, a final meter reading will be taken at the time of notification and the final bill will be sent to the seller. If the bill remains unpaid, the final bill will be transferred to the buyer's account.

One of the following items is required for a transfer of service:

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