What does the study examine?

The study explores trends in the water industry and our communities, such as changing water demand, pressure to keep rates affordable, regulatory change, water supply reliability, and expansion to meet regional needs, and the feasibility for addressing those trends through combination. The analysis included a top-to-bottom review of both water providers, including a comparison of organizational structures, management, customer services, billing, staffing, water operations, capital improvement projects, finances, and water supply. The analysis detailed the benefits and costs of potential combination, as well as options for next steps.

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1. Why did CWD and SSWD initiate a study to explore potential combination opportunities?
2. What does the study examine?
3. Who was involved in shaping the study?
4. When was the draft study released?
5. What happens after the report is delivered to SSWD and CWD?
6. Who paid for the study?
7. How are CWD and SSWD being thoughtful in exploring combination opportunities?
8. Would Carmichael Water District be required to fluoridate water should the two Districts combine?
9. How can I find out more?