Who was involved in shaping the study?

The study was developed with input from the CWD and SSWD Boards of Directors and staff. Staff provided input as part of the 2020 Sacramento Regional Water Utility Collaboration Study (conducted by CWD, SSWD, and five other water providers), which was used as a foundation for the current study. 

Customer input avenues have occurred through public meetings of the CWD/SSWD 2x2 Committee, which includes leadership and management from both water providers and has been hosting public meetings since July 2021, and regular Board meeting updates. 

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1. Why did CWD and SSWD initiate a study to explore potential combination opportunities?
2. What does the study examine?
3. Who was involved in shaping the study?
4. When was the draft study released?
5. What happens after the report is delivered to SSWD and CWD?
6. Who paid for the study?
7. How are CWD and SSWD being thoughtful in exploring combination opportunities?
8. Would Carmichael Water District be required to fluoridate water should the two Districts combine?
9. How can I find out more?