What do I do if I get sediment in my house?
  • Flush your household during and/or after this period by opening the front hose bib and letting the water run for several minutes or until it clears. Next, open the back hose bib and let the water run until clear. Do not have water on the inside while doing this procedure.
  • If you experience brown water in the hot water only, flush out your hot water heater. Most manufacturers recommend flushing the hot water heater at least once a year.
  • If you experience a problem with brown water during a time when Carmichael Water District is not flushing in your area, try the above flushing procedures. If you are still experiencing a problem, call our office at 916-483-2452 to report it. Carmichael Water District will then schedule your area to be flushed.

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3. What do I do if I get sediment in my house?