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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held at 6: 00 PM at Carmichael Water District's office located at 7837 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael, CA 95608.

Important Notice Regarding Closed Sessions:
Unless otherwise stated, the public conference lines will be placed in a waiting room during closed session. Once the closed session has been adjourned, the public conference lines will be brought back into the open session.


When providing public comment, please provide your name and address.

Public Comment Procedures Utilizing Zoom Chat:
Identify the agenda item you wish to speak on (i.e. general public comment, Agenda Item 10).

Public Hearing Comment Procedures Utilizing Zoom Chat:
If you wish to give public comment during the public hearing, please clearly identify “Public Hearing” as the subject of your comment.

MeetingDateAgenda & PacketMinutes
Regular Board Meeting1/19/2021Agenda
Agenda Packet Part 1
Agenda Packet Part 2
Agenda Packet Part 3
Agenda Packet Part 4
Financing Corporation Meeting1/19/2021Agenda
Regular Board Meeting2/16/2021TBDTBD
Financing Corporation Meeting2/16/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting3/16/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting/Public Hearing4/20/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting/Public Hearing5/18/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting6/15/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting7/20/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting8/17/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting9/21/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting10/19/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting11/16/2021TBDTBD
Regular Board Meeting12/14/2021TBDTBD

Additional Meeting Agendas & Minutes