April 17, 2017 – Carmichael Water District Receives Environmental Recognition Award

On Monday, April 17, 2017 Carmichael Water District (CWD) was recognized by the Sacramento Environmental Commission (SEC) for demonstrating outstanding efforts to improve the environment through the American River Pipeline Project (Project).

Conceived in 2011, the Project puts into action Integrated Regional Water Management agreements and solutions that successfully solve water supply reliability issues at a local level. Specifically recognized by the SEC was the Project’s environmental restoration component. This environmental restoration included the removal of 400 feet of 33-inch diameter exposed steel pipe dating back to the 1950s that had long been an unsightly presence in the river channel. In addition, three concrete intake and pump station structures, a failing riveted steel culvert, and large buried valves were demolished and removed. The restoration culminated with the reconnection of an upstream riparian habitat that had been separated from the primary American River channel by freefall discharge from a 65-year old culvert. This concerted effort in restoring vital environment assets contributes to CWD’s recognition among the environmental community as a leading steward of our natural habitat/resources.

“This is a great demonstration of Public and Private partnerships coming together to find solutions to achieve benefits for our community” said CWD’s General Manager Steve Nugent. The project, spearheaded by CWD stands as a testimony to the region’s commitment to working together in addressing both short-term drought response, long-term supply reliability planning, and environmental stewardship

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