Fix-a-Leak Week – March 14-20, 2022

Join Carmichael Water District in celebrating EPA’s annual Fix a Leak Week by finding those hidden leaks both inside and outside your home.  Keep in mind that you can find and fix household leaks to save valuable water and money all year long.

For help locating leaks we offer free Water Efficiency Surveys. If you would like to receive a free Water Efficiency Survey please call (916) 483-2452 or email

Tips to Find and Fix Leaks to Save Water

  • Check your water bill – spikes in use might be an indication that you have a leak.
  • Read your water meter – turn off all fixtures, if the water meter continues to show use, you may have a leak (see video below).
  • Test your toilet for leaks – pick up free dye tabs at Carmichael Water District’s office during regular business hours (8am – 4:30 pm) and test your toilets for leaks.
  • Find out more about fixing leaks around your house at the Sacramento Regional Water Authority’s  Be Water Smart web page and at EPA WaterSense.

Check out the videos below to learn how to find leaks in your home