2009 CWD Conservation Calendar Contest

2009 CWD Conservation Calendar Contest

“Carmichael Water Conservation Calendar”

The 2009 Barrett Middle School “Carmichael Water Conservation Calendar” was created with the generous support of Carmichael Water District and the Kiwanis Club of Carmichael. The goal of the art contest is to involve the students in educating our community about the importance of water conservation. The resulting calendar conveys a youthful view of the value of conserving water, this great natural resource.

In December of 2008 an awards ceremony was held at Carmichael Water District to celebrate the contest winners and their creativity. Representatives from the Kiwanis Club of Carmichael and Carmichael Water District presented the winning students with gift certificates and poster sized copies of their artwork.

Contest Winners:

  • Haris Radu – Grand Prize Winner
  • Cole Zarick
  • Ebony Grimes
  • Sree Divya Alla
  • Yeagee Jung
  • Carina Zhur
  • Sarah Warner
  • Brittany Phillippe
  • Haley Goold
  • Fiona Phillips
  • Erica Stansfield
  • Shelby Koontz
  • Marit Danzinger
  • Lauren Kelleher