Disconnection Process & Policy

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Disconnection of Residential Service for Non-Payment Process & Policy

 In Compliance with the Water Shutoff Protection Act – SB998


For the purpose of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  • District: Carmichael Water District
  • Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (excluding District Holidays)
  • Contact #: 916-483-2452
  • Customer: Owner on record for a property or owner appointed Agent
  • Delinquency: Failure by customer to tender payment for a valid bill or charge by the due date
  • Disconnection: A deliberate interruption or limitation of a customer's water service by the District
  • Fee Schedule: Fiscal Year fees reviewed and adjusted annually as part of the budget process
  • Notice: A written notification mailed or delivered to any customer with a delinquent balance
  • Returns: A check or other form of payment tendered to the District of which is denied payment by the payer bank and which is subsequently returned unpaid or uncollected to the District

 1. Disconnection for Nonpayment of Bills

a. Bills are considered past due if not paid by the due date listed on the billing statement.

b. Service will be disconnected for nonpayment/delinquency under the following conditions;

b1.   Account has been delinquent for sixty (60) days, (associated fees/charges will be applied to the account as listed in the current Fee Schedule); and

b2.   Customer is first contacted by way of a written Final Notice of delinquency and impending disconnection at least 7 business days prior to the proposed disconnection; or

b3.   If Final Notice is returned undelivered to the District, payment is returned, or if failure to comply with an alternative/deferred payment schedule, a five (5) Day notice of intent to disconnect is delivered to the property, (associated fees/charges will be applied to the account as listed in the current Fee Schedule).

c. To prevent disconnection, customers may contact the District office for information about an alternative/deferred payment schedule, or demonstrate all the conditions in SB 998 Section 116910 are met.

d. Disconnected properties will be liened, in accordance to Water Code 25806, (associated fees/charges will be applied to the account as listed in the current Fee Schedule).

2. Payment Returns

a. If payment is returned against a delinquent bill, process described in section b3 of the Disconnection for Nonpayment of Bills above will be followed. Associated fees/charges will be applied to account as listed in the current Fee Schedule.

3. Appealing/Disputing a Bill

a. Customers seeking to dispute billing of charges on their water bill should contact the Billing Department for investigation of disputed charges. If the dispute is not resolved by Billing Support/Specialist, account-holders have the right to initiate the appeals process.  See complete process details for the Billing Dispute Criteria and Appeal Process in the office or on the District’s website.

b. Please be advised that filing a dispute will only place a temporary hold on the charges in dispute. All other charges, including future statements that are billed after the filing date of the dispute will be due as billed and subject to late fees and collection activity.