Grant Avenue Mainline Replacement Project

The Grant Avenue Mainline Replacement Project consists of installing a new water main along Whitfield Way, Whitney Avenue, Sue Pam Drive, Grant Avenue, and Fair Oaks Boulevard. It will also include replacing/relocating specific water service connections. Other areas that may be affected by construction include Garfield Avenue, Tarro Way, Adcote Lane, and Jay Jay Lane. Construction will take place Monday-Friday (8:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m.) with no anticipated work taking place on weekends or holidays.

Project Map:
Grant Mainline Map

Estimated Timeline:
Below is an estimated timeline as of 12/18/2020. Check back periodically for updates to schedule.

  • C1 – New watermain is active
  • C2 – New watermain is active
  • C3 – New watermain installed. Testing estimated 12/18/2020 – 12/23/2020
  • C4 – New watermain installed. Testing estimated 12/18/2020 – 12/23/2020
  • C5 – New watermain is active
  • C6 – New watermain is active. Road Restoration – TBD
  • C7 – New watermain is active
  • C8 – New watermain is active
  • C9 – New watermain installed. Testing estimated 12/18/2020 – 12/23/2020

TBD – To Be Determined

Traffic Impacts:
Traffic impacts may include but are not limited to:

  • Partial lane closures
  • Road closures
  • Temporary delays
  • Detours

The District will make every effort to keep traffic impacts to a minimum and allow for emergency access during construction phases. During the final phase of road restoration, there may be daily road closures with limited to no access available for a period of time.

Reason for Project:
This project is a part of the District’s Master Plan and Capital Improvement Plan that is designed to ensure the District’s infrastructure is up to date.

The original water main was made of Steel and was installed around the 1940s. It is being replaced with new Ductile Iron Pipe water main which has an estimated life expectancy of 100 years. The installation of the new water main will improve water quality, water volume, water pressure, water reliability, and fire safety by providing water system improvements and upgrading and/or replacing aging infrastructure to new industry standards.