Safely Dispose of Pool & Spa Water

Draining Your Pool or Spa

Using the sanitary sewer is best.

If you need to drain your pool or spa, it is best to discharge the water to a sanitary sewer, since the sanitary sewer system is conveyed to a treatment plant where it is designed to remove most chemicals found in pools and spas.

Limits apply to storm drains.

You can discharge pool or spa water to a storm drain ONLY if the water:

  • is free of any chemicals in toxic amounts, including but not limited to chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide products, copper, silver, algaecides, fungicides, soda ash, cyanuric acid and muriatic acid. Pool or spa water treated with an ionizer or mineral purifiers may not be discharged to a storm drain. Always consider alternatives to copper algaecides for algae control.
  • is free of debris, algae, or vegitation
  • is between pH 6.5 and 8.5 (pH 7 is neutral)
  • is at a flow rate that does not cause damage to the storm drain system or cause erosion downstream.
  • will not increase or decrease the temperature of the nearest creek or stream more then 5°F

For more information regarding the safe disposal of pool and spa water, view the brochure from Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership.

Click here to view brochure