Stanley Avenue Water Main Replacement Project

The Stanley Avenue Water Main Replacement Project is bound by Fair Oaks Blvd and California Avenue located in Carmichael CA. The work to be performed consists of installing new water main primarily along Stanley Avenue and Panama Avenue. Other areas that may be affected by construction include Leafwood Drive and Fair Oaks Blvd. Construction will take place Monday-Friday (8:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m.) with no anticipated work taking place on weekends or holidays.

Estimated Project Schedule

Below is an estimated timeline as of 7/15/2021. Check back periodically for updates to schedule.

  • A – Water main installed. Testing to be scheduled.
  • B – Water main installed. Testing to be scheduled.
  • C – Water main installed. Testing to be scheduled.
  • D – Active construction in this area.
  • E – Active construction in this area.
  • F – Active construction in this area.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic impacts may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Partial lane closures
  • Road closures
  • Temporary delays
  • Detours

Carmichael Water District (CWD) will make every effort to keep traffic impacts to a minimum and allow for emergency access during construction phases. During the final phase of road restoration, there may be daily road closures with limited to no vehicle access available to allow for paving process including pavement compaction efforts and pavement cooling.

Reason for Project

As part of the greater La Vista Tank and Booster Pump Station Project, the Stanley Avenue Water Main Replacement Project was identified as a critical water main to improve water distribution reliability along with new La Vista Tank. The original water main was built in the 1940s and due to the age of the assets, maintaining, repairing, and/or rehabilitating the infrastructure is costly. The purpose of this project is to replace the existing aging infrastructure that is at or past its expected useful life with new infrastructure improvements that will provide water system upgrades, increase water reliability, improve water distribution, and improve water quality.

Contact Information

Project Manager, Construction Manager, and On-site Inspector:

Carmichael Water District

Phone: 916-483-2452


Flowline Contractors Inc.

Phone: 916-381-6423