Water-Wise Tips For Summer

Check the Soil and Save

Summer is here and with it are hotter temperatures and typically an increase in outdoor water use. You can be water-wise and have a healthier, happier yard by using these techniques:

Check the Soil Moisture Level
Looks can be deceiving. The best way to tell if your plants need water is by checking the soil moisture level.

Cycle and Soak
It’s not a way to make your whites brighter, but it will make your plants happier. For those with traditional, non-weather based sprinkler timers, cycle and soak is a method for applying water to your yard in three- to four-minute increments spaced an hour apart. Programming your sprinkler timer this way will allow the water to be better absorbed by the soil and reduce run off.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cycle: Run your sprinklers for three minutes or until you see runoff.
  • Soak: Wait an hour.
  • Check the soil moisture.
  • Repeat, if needed, until moisture reaches the roots.
  • Program your sprinkler timer to cycle and soak.

Water Early in the Morning
Make sure to set your sprinklers to run first thing in the morning to reduce water loss from evaporation.

Upgrade Your Sprinklers
Replacing your pop-up sprinklers with efficient rotator sprinklers can help you use 30 percent less water every time you turn on your sprinklers and have healthier plants. Rotator sprinklers deliver heavy droplets of water at a slower rate that is more easily absorbed by the soil. They make sure more water gets to your plants and less is lost to evaporation or run off.

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