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Stress your lawn and save trees during droughtIn the Sacramento region, most of the water we use daily goes on lawns and landscaping, and about 30 percent of that is lost due to overwatering and evaporation.

There are lots of ways to save water at home, but conserving water outdoors can make the biggest difference of all.

Stress your lawn and save your trees 

Reduce each sprinkler cycle by two minutes—saves 80 gallons per day, assuming five stations watering three times weekly.

  • By reducing your watering times by two minutes across the board you can achieve an instant water savings of 20 percent (for every 10 minutes that are currently scheduled).
  • That’s at least 80 gallons every time you turn on the sprinklers. If you irrigate twice a week, that can add up to 8,320 a year in water savings.

Save your trees

  • As you limit landscape watering, take steps to protect your trees.
  • Trees offer many benefits to people and wildlife, and are an investment one generation makes for the next.
  • Lawn can turn golden and eventually recover. Trees, however, can be lost forever.
  • You’ll want to provide trees with extra water. You can do this with a soaker hose, or there’s the bucket method for young trees:
    • Take a five-gallon bucket, and drill an 1/8th-inch hole on the side, about an inch from the bottom.
    • Cover the hole with tape and fill the bucket with water.
    • Place the bucket within a foot of the trunk, and remove the tape.
    • Young trees need two to three (10-15 gallons) of extra water per week.

Tree watering tips and resources for both young and mature trees are available at: