Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment

As part of the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan process, the California legislature enacted new requirements to help suppliers assess and prepare for drought conditions.  One of the new requirements is the Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment (Annual Assessment), which examines the District’s anticipated water reliability. Each urban water supplier is required to prepare an Annual Assessment and submit an Annual Water Shortage Assessment Report (Annual Shortage Report) to the Department of Water resources (DWR) on or before July 1, 2022, and every year thereafter. 

The District completes the Annual Shortage Report utilizing DWR guidance documents/worksheets, Urban Water Management Plan demand projections, and current water supply projections.  Taking a conservative approach, the Annual Shortage Report is prepared with an assumption of State Water Resources Control Board driven surface water curtailments in the months of May–October.  At its foundation, the Annual Shortage Report includes best-known demand data and supply assumptions.  Actual supply and demand can vary due to changing weather and regulatory conditions.  The District will continue monitor and adjust for current water supply conditions.

2023 Annual Shortage Report

Additional information regarding Annual Assessments can be found on DWR’s website.