Hydrant Permits

Yellow Fire HydrantA hydrant permit form may be obtained at the District office.

Subject to the Following Conditions

  • It is understood and agreed to by the Permittee that all conditions have been read and understood. The Permittee agrees to comply with all conditions.
  • The permit or a complete copy shall be kept at the job site and upon request must be shown to any representative of the District.
  • The permit is valid for six months from the date of issuance. In order to continue to obtain water through a fire hydrant, the Permittee must schedule an inspection of the meter/backflow unit and an intermediate meter reading and apply for re-issuance of the permit. All application fees must be paid in full prior to the issuance of a permit.
  • Upon completion of use/permit expiration, the Permittee shall return the equipment to the District for final reading and inspection. The District shall determine if additional monies or a refund is due, collect the amount, or process a refund. If a refund is owed, a check will be prepared and mailed to the Permittee.
  • The permittee must not alter the meter in any way. Lost, stolen, or damaged meters and associated equipment must be reported immediately to the District, and the Permittee will compensate the District for all costs of repairing or replacing any damaged equipment. The deposit will be used toward the resolution of damage or loss of equipment.
  • The permittee shall under no circumstances transport water out of District boundaries for any reason.
  • Improper operation of fire hydrants can cause severe damage to the District's water system and surrounding property. By renting and using a hydrant meter, Permittee agrees to fully compensate the District and any other party for all damages arising from or related to the Permittee's use of the hydrant.
  • The permittee shall operate the fire hydrants and hydrant meters properly, including but not limited to the following:
    • Fire hydrants must be opened and closed slowly to prevent water system damage.
    • Fire Hydrants may be operated only with a properly sized specialty hydrant wrench.
  • The District may discontinue the use of water and recall hydrant meters at any time if water supplies are low or for violations of the permit conditions.
  • The permittee has sole responsibility for the security of meters and associated equipment.
  • The District reserves the right not to issue a permit to any Contractor or other person who has misused a hydrant meter or fire hydrant or has violated the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  • The permittee assumes all risks in connection with the use of the fire hydrant and/or hydrant meter. The permittee shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Carmichael Water District and its elected officials, officers, and employees, from all liabilities, obligations, orders, claims, actual damages, governmental fines or penalties, and expenses of defense (including attorneys' fees and costs) of any kind or nature that may be caused by or arising from the rental, use or misuse of the fire hydrant and/or hydrant meter and associated equipment, whether by Permittee or by anyone directly or indirectly employed or contracted with Permittee, and whether such liabilities, obligations, orders, claims, actual damages, governmental fines or penalties, and expenses of defense (including attorneys' fees and costs) shall accrue or be discovered before or after the termination of this agreement.

See the current fiscal year fee schedule for a fee, deposit, and rate information.