Current Water Conditions

On April 18, 2023, the District's Board of Directors rescinded the Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency due to improved water supply conditions and customer conservation efforts.  The District is asking customers to shift their efforts from water conservation to water use efficiency and to follow prohibitions set in place to prevent water waste.

Mandatory Prohibitions

The District maintains at all times the following restrictions to prevent wasteful water use practices, including intentional or unintentional water waste and unreasonable uses of water.

  • Unnecessary and wasteful uses of water are prohibited.
  • No water runoff from the property is allowed.
  • All water plumbing, fixtures, or heating or cooling devices must not be allowed to leak or discharge. All known leaks must be repaired within seven days or less depending on the severity of the leak.
  • Free-flowing hoses are prohibited for any use, all hoses must have an automatic shut-off control nozzle capable of completely shutting off the flow of water.
  • Car washing must use a bucket and hose with an automatic shut-off control nozzle.
  • All pools, spas, decorative or ornamental fountains, ponds, and water features must be equipped with a recirculation pump and maintained leak free. Internal and external water leaks must be repaired within seven days or less depending on the severity of the leak.
  • New landscape installations should be limited to drought-tolerant plants and natives.
  • All landscapes must be watered during cooler morning or evening hours to reduce evaporation and minimize landscape runoff. No watering is allowed between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm.
  • No irrigating turf or ornamental landscapes during and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.
  • Repetitive violators will be subject to penalties and fines.

Recommended Actions

  • During summer, outdoor watering three days a week is usually sufficient for typical landscape.
  • Use high efficiency plumbing fixtures and washing full loads of laundry and dishes.
  • Pool covers should be used to minimize evaporation.
  • No serving of drinking water other than upon request in food and beverage establishments.

Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) 

The District maintains a WSCP for use during drought periods or times of supply shortages. The plan serves as a guide for the District in responding to water supply shortages and responding to regional and statewide impacts from drought conditions while maintaining water quality, safe operating conditions, and fire flow capability.

View the Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) (PDF).